Harrison Valve™ introduces the all new residual pressure valve (RPV) designed specifically for aluminum cylinders for the beverage gas industries

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Harrison Valve introduces the all new residual pressure valve (RPV) designed specifically for aluminum cylinders for the beverage gas industries. 

Santa Ana, California, February 15, 2015 – Harrison Valve™ today released a new advanced residual pressure valve engineered specifically for beverage grade carbon dioxide (CGA320) gas service in aluminum cylinders.

 “The new Harrison Residual Pressure Valve (RPV) for aluminum cylinders is being launched due to the recent high demand from major soda bottling companies and gas distributors seeking preventative measures against contaminants and moisture in their fleets of carbon dioxide cylinders”, stated Ron Barnett, VP of Sale for Harrison Valve.

The residual pressure cylinder valve is specially designed to reserve 30-50PSI pressure to protect the integrity of the cylinder contents and help assure a contaminant and moisture free environment. Residual pressure valves eliminate the timely process of purging and evacuation of cylinders prior to filling, saving both time and labor.

 “Due to Harrison’s advanced engineering, prototype capabilities, and vertical integrated manufacturing, we are able to take a new customer valve inquiry from concept to production units in less than 75 days“, Ron Barnett explained. “Harrison is excited to introduce this valve to the carbon dioxide market with all of its inherent features. Customers are choosing to upgrade their cylinder fleets to optimize filling, streamline distribution and safely delivering moisture and contaminant free cylinders to their customers.”

Harrison is the only valve supplier who designed a residual pressure valve series to be compatible with all valve manufacturers making a seamless integration with most customers filling equipment. Harrison is accepting orders now and will begin shipping this new exciting product May 2015.

Harrison Valve™ has longstanding experience in designing and manufacturing products for multiple compressed gas markets, critical applications and OEM customers, and its operations focus exclusively on producing the highest quality valve products at uncompromised value. Harrison Valve™ products are produced to meet or exceed the highest US and international standards.

Harrison Valve is a global supplier of precision valve products serving a broad range of applications, industries and markets, which since its inception has produced millions of units in service on 5 continents. Harrison Valve is the fastest growing cylinder valve manufacturer in the world today.

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