Cramer Decker Opens New 50,000 sq. ft. Assembly and Production Facility

Posted on: January 12th, 2015 by cd_admin No Comments

January 12, 2015—Santa Ana, CA.  Cramer Decker today announced the opening of its new 50,000 sq. ft. production and assembly facility for its ProRack cradle, Medusa manifold and MAXCyl steel cylinder product lines.  The new facility is a first in the industry, uniquely combining cradle, manifold, cylinder and valve production and assembly into a single manufacturing location.

The new facility uniquely enables Cramer Decker to produce complete and customizable gas cylinder systems from cradle-to-grave.  Operations include cylinder preparation, neck ring installation, customer specified cylinder stamping and painting, valve customization and installation, and complete ProRack cradle and Medusa manifold customization and assembly.  “The new production and assembly facility optimizes manufacturing of these product lines” stated Paul Montesano, Vice President of Operations, “streamlining workflow and reducing lead times.  We are now able to produce turnkey systems on a single production floor, with multiple production lines feeding into a single line for final assembly.”

Cramer Decker’s significant capital investment in its new facility provides its customers with a single point of purchase for complete gas cylinder systems, offering a best-in-class product solution to the marketplace.

Cramer Decker is a global leader in gas containment solutions and life support technologies. With 16 proprietary brands and more than 11,000 products serving more than 25,000 customers worldwide, Cramer Decker is the nation’s most diversified supplier of gas management products and solutions.